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ARCpoint Labs of Florence specializes in laboratory testing services for businesses and individuals. The ARCpoint Labs national network is among the fastest growing in the industry. We offer the convenience of an easy-to-access, confidential, walk-in testing facility in the heart of Northern Kentucky.

Our qualified medical staff, consisting of Nurse Practitioner’s, Registered Nurses, and Medical Assistants can perform a variety of occupational screening services such as DOT physicals, drug tests, background checks, and biometric screens. We are also experts at helping individuals, whether determining if your teen is using drugs, helping settle issues of paternity, or performing one of our long list of blood tests.

ARCpoint Labs of Florence provides a comfortable, professional environment and the fastest, most accurate results possible. Skip the co-pays and crowded medical facilities and come directly to our lab for no wait times or have us come on-site of your company.

Drug & Alcohol Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Florence

Drug and alcohol abuse continues to be a growing problem among the population. ARCpoint Labs of Florence provides all types of drug screenings.

Workplace Testing

We offer all forms of workplace testing, including pre-employment, random, and on-site post-accident/reasonable suspicion.

DOT Testing

Our convenient Northern Kentucky facility is set up to comply with DOT 49 CFR Part 40 drug testing procedures. We specialize in assisting small companies with consortium compliance.

Alcohol Testing

If you need to determine if an employee, friend or family member is under the influence, we can run an alcohol test to determine BAC levels.

Standard and Synthetic Drug Testing Panels

Whether it’s a 5-panel, 10-panel or specialty panel, we can test for “traditional” drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. and prescription medications. The newest drugs on the market (used by many teens) are not detectable through a standard drug test. We perform synthetic drug testing to identify if one has been using highly dangerous, easily accessible drugs such as “fake pot” or “bath salts.”

Hair and Fingernail Testing

In addition to the standard urine test, we also perform hair and fingernail testing to give very accurate picture of long-term, prior drug use.

Saliva Testing

Another great option is to test for Saliva, using a lab based or instant test. These results are difficult adulterate and very accurate.

Clinical Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Florence

TB Skin (Mantoux) Testing

TB Skin Tests are required in certain workplace settings. Our convenient hours and walk-in testing allow us to serve you better. Please call for details.

Biometric Screening

We perform biometric screening via finger stick or blood draw and can perform these services at our facility or on-site of an employer.

Nicotine Testing

Available as an instant or lab based test. Cost effective and often used for insurance compliance.

Blood Pressure Check

A quick blood pressure check done the old fashioned way. A manual blood pressure cuff, still the most accurate measure, is used by our skilled staff. Have your BP checked as an add-on to any other service!

Urine Analysis

An instant or lab based test used for a variety of purposes. Instant tests are inexpensive and quick.

Paternity Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Florence

You don’t have to go on a national talk show to get a paternity test. If there are questions of paternity, come to ARCpoint Labs of Florence. We will test both the father and the child, and it’s preferred to have the mother present too. All DNA paternity tests, whether a court admissible legal test or only for informational purposes, are performed at a lab accredited by the AABB.

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